dB SPL presenting at 3rd International Music and CI Symposium

The 3rd International Music and CI Symposium will be held in Cambridge, 15-16 Sep 2021, and organized by the Cambridge Hearing Group. Deniz will give an invited talk on potential music training effects on vocal emotion perception, a difficult task by many implant users. The other presentations are:

  • Is there a musician advantage in speech-on-speech perception in older age? Ryan Gray, Laura Rachman, Etienne Gaudrain, Anastasios Sarampalis, Eleanor Harding, Deniz Başkent
  • Musical emotion categorization with simulated cochlear implant hearing, Imke Hrycyk; Etienne Gaudrain; Barbara Tillmann; Robert Harris; Bert Maat; Rolien Free; Christina Fuller;Eleanor Harding & Deniz Başkent
  • Guided audiometer exploration (GAME), Eleanor Harding, Robert Harris, Etienne Gaudrain, Barbara Tillmann, Christina Fuller, Rolien Free, Bert Maat, Deniz Başkent
  • Preliminary findings on the mistuning perception in cochlear implant recipients, Mustafa Yüksel