Auditory seminar: Dr. Evelien Dirks, 18 January 2024

Early development and intervention in children with hearing loss
Dr. Evelien Dirks
NSDSK, Amsterdam
Utrecht University, Developmental Psychology

Abstract: For children with hearing loss, the early years represent a critical period during which exposure to linguistic input, social interactions, and auditory stimuli significantly influences their development. Identifying hearing loss early and implementing interventions in the form of amplification and family-centered early intervention can mitigate potential developmental delays. In her research, Evelien Dirks examines the language, social-emotional and cognitive development in young children with hearing loss. Since caregivers have an essential role in the early years of child development, parent-child interactions in association with child development are at the core of her research. By using eye-tracking technology and video coding software she gains deeper insight in the early interactions between children with hearing loss and their parents, revealing the impact of these exchanges on child development. In order to enhance child development and foster positive parent-child interactions, she developed interventions and assessed their impact. In this seminar Evelien will present her research on young children with hearing loss and will discuss the outcomes.

Date: Thursday 18 January 2024
Time: 10:00-11:00
Location: P3.270 (Blauwe Patio), UMCG

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