Auditory Seminar 9 November 2018: Dr. Rebecca Schaefer, Leiden University


Musical rhythm perception and movement: Neural, cognitive and kinematic findings

Dr. Rebecca Schaefer
Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC)
Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Leiden University

Date: 09 November 2018, FRIDAY
Location: UMCG, KNO Colloquium P3.210
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Organized by: Elif Kaplan (for inquiries:

Moving to music is not only intuitive, automatic, and often enjoyable; it also has great clinical potential, for instance in movement rehabilitation. However, the underlying mechanisms of cueing movement with musical rhythm, or indeed the effects of auditory cueing on learning a new movement, are still largely unknown. To better design effective clinical interventions, more knowledge is needed focusing on how to optimise opportunities for movement learning. This includes considering specific aspects of the musical cues that may matter, taking into account the difficulty or complexity of the movement, and the cognitive resources that may be needed to adequately make use of this cue. I will give a brief overview of some recent work focusing on this topic, using measures of neural function, cognitive functioning and movement registration.