Lecture on Music and Science at MXT Conference 2023

Ellie Harding and Deniz Baskent gave a talk in “Music and Science” session, organised by HTRIC, at the MXT Conference 2023 at ESNS.

We presented our work inspired by musicians, and aimed for improving music and overall listening experience with cochlear implants. We received great feedback and questions from the audience, and even one from Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), which may inspire us for a new project.

Floris Rotteveel joins as a PhD student!


Floris Rotteveel received a PhD project funding from UMCG Kolff Institute, and will join us later this year. Floris is coming from BME background and had already done with Etienne Gaudrain a nice research project, which will now continue as a PhD project. Floris’s project title is “Pitch perception in cochlear implants: Using real-life sounds to get back on the right track”.

Ryssa Moffat defending her PhD, 2 June 2022!

Ryssa Moffat is defending her PhD on 2 June 2022.

Title: Recognition and cortical haemodynamics of vocal emotions-an fNIRS perspective
Supervisors: D. Baskent, D. McAlpine, L. van Yper, R. Luke

Gizem Babaoglu received an International Research PhD Fellowship from TUBITAK

Our affiliated Ph.D. student Gizem Babaoğlu has been selected for an International Research PhD Fellowship from TUBITAK. We have invited Gizem to visit us and work at our lab. Her visit will be from December 2021 for a 12 months period.

Gizem joined the dB SPL group in 2019 as a researcher of the joint project with Hacettepe and Sonova Vocal Emotion Perception of Children with Hearing Aids. During her research visit, she will be focusing on her PhD thesis investigating voice perception abilities of CI and bi-modal users with PICKA test battery and completing the joint project.

Congratulations Gizem!



Minke de Boer will be dr. de Boer on 13 October

Minke de Boer will be defending her PhD on Wednesday, 13 October 2001, 16:15hr.

Minke was co-supervised by me and Frans Cornelissen, in a truly collaborative project between KNO and Ophthalmology departments. Minke explored audiovisual emotion perception with audio and visual impairments, using also eye tracking methods. Her thesis title is: “Keeping track of emotions: Audiovisual integration for emotion recognition and compensation for sensory degradations captured by perceptual strategies” and the link to the book is here:

The defense will also be broadcasted at this link:

Leanne Nagels is Dr. Nagels!

Leanne Nagels successfully defended her PhD on 23 September. Leanne’s thesis title is “From Voice to Speech: the perception of voice characteristics and speech in children with cochlear implants.” The reading committee was Prof. Carolyn McGettigan, Prof. Hartmut Meister, and Prof. Wander Lowie.

The thesis can be downloaded here:

A recording of the defense is at this link:



dB SPL presenting at 3rd International Music and CI Symposium

The 3rd International Music and CI Symposium will be held in Cambridge, 15-16 Sep 2021, and organized by the Cambridge Hearing Group. Deniz will give an invited talk on potential music training effects on vocal emotion perception, a difficult task by many implant users. The other presentations are:

  • Is there a musician advantage in speech-on-speech perception in older age? Ryan Gray, Laura Rachman, Etienne Gaudrain, Anastasios Sarampalis, Eleanor Harding, Deniz Başkent
  • Musical emotion categorization with simulated cochlear implant hearing, Imke Hrycyk; Etienne Gaudrain; Barbara Tillmann; Robert Harris; Bert Maat; Rolien Free; Christina Fuller;Eleanor Harding & Deniz Başkent
  • Guided audiometer exploration (GAME), Eleanor Harding, Robert Harris, Etienne Gaudrain, Barbara Tillmann, Christina Fuller, Rolien Free, Bert Maat, Deniz Başkent
  • Preliminary findings on the mistuning perception in cochlear implant recipients, Mustafa Yüksel

Deniz giving an invited talk at Cochlear CRSR Symposium on Bimodal Implantation in Adults, 8 July 2021

Deniz is invited to give a talk at the next Cochlear Science and Research Seminar (CSRS) on the topic of  Bimodal Implantation in the Adult Population. The talk will cover our recent work on voice perception, especially with a focus on voice pitch perception and voice gender categorisation, with bimodal implant simulations.

The full program is here: